Eric McRoy

Company: Key Realty
Job Title: Realtor

There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent Real Estate professional: integrity, knowledge, market savvy, and in-depth negotiations skills. When these qualities are combined with a high quality professional in a firm that is responsive to customers’ needs, the results can be overwhelming.

These are some of the reasons that I have been so effective in Mercer County New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

At the present time, I am the Listing Agent for BLB Resources, with direct responsibilities including the marketing and disposition of HUD REO sales. Prior to the BLB Contract, I worked for Fannie Mae, Ocwen, and AltiSource, which is now HubZu. This knowledge of marketing REO properties has taught me the correct way of outperforming almost everyone that has ever thought of delving into REO sales in this region.

Currently I host monthly outreach events in Mercer County at our office, other Real Estate Brokerages, and private venues where I teach other agents how to sell my listings, so my network has continued to evolve.

As the primary listing agent for HUD REOs in the Mercer County area, my duties include weekly inspections, Broker Price Opinions, Comparative Market Analysis, Field Service Coordination, Sales, Marketing, Inspection Photos, and Bid Submission and Follow Up. If you are looking for a dedicated person that is focused on high level dispositions, then I am definitely the only one to consider.

O: 609-587-9200
C: 609-510-0584