Welcome to lovely Mercer County, NJ! If you’ve been scouting for homes for sale in NJ, coming to Mercer County is a decision you will be glad you made, year after year!

Mercer County is centrally located in the garden state, making it one hour from New York City, Philadelphia, Newark Airport and the beautiful Jersey Shore. So, if you’ve decided that living in New Jersey is the choice for you and perhaps other loved ones, Mercer County is clearly an arm’s reach from everything! Our members can assist you with your real estate needs throughout Mercer County and the surrounding areas of Central New Jersey.

Princeton, New Jersey & More: 4 Mercer County Facts

Are you considering a move to Princeton, New Jersey or the surrounding areas? Have you been wondering what the market is like in terms of jobs in New Jersey?

With Mercer County’s prime location just an hour away from major cities like New York and Philadelphia, the job prospects, atmosphere and schooling is fantastic.

Here are some facts about Mercer County that will have you scoring homes for sale in NJ just eager to make the move!

1- The Heart of it All:

The county seat of Mercer is Trenton, the state capital of NJ. and it is considered part of the greater NYC metropolitan area. As of the 2010 Census, Mercer County’s population was 366,513, an increase of approximately 5%) from the 2000 U.S. census.

Mercer County is a wonderful place to live and with the numbers, it shows!

2- Money Talks:

Mercer County ranks among the top 100 highest-income counties in all of America. In fact, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis out of 3,113 counties across the country, Mercer was ranked 78th-highest per capita. The fact is there are well-paid jobs in New Jersey but even still, with Mercer County’s prime location, it’s easy to make an even more sizable income if one works in Philadelphia or New York City.

3- Get an Education:

Why do so many parents enjoy living in New Jersey? Well, we’ve got some great schools! And in fact, Mercer County is home to some of the finest schools in New Jersey, if not the entire U.S. These includes such prestigious institutions as Princeton UniversityRider University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Thomas Edison College, The College of New Jersey, the Institute for Advanced Study, and Mercer County Community College.

4- Food, Glorious Food:

In addition, Mercer County and its surrounding area, boasts hundreds of fine restaurants for dining, many venues for theater and live entertainment, and several beautiful parks for outdoor activities.

Truly, Mercer County is a place in which people buy houses and then, make homes out of these lovely communities, schools, jobs and even, state of the- art medical care at the brand-new Princeton Hospital. If you’re looking for somewhere to plant your roots, we promise that Mercer County won’t disappoint!