Great School Districts: Mercer County

When researching where to buy or sell a home, parents always factor in the local school districts. Rather than shell out a ton of money, if you’re paying your taxes, why not find a home in which you can believe in the local public schools?

Many parents are quick to believe that private schools are far better than public schools, but those are parents that simply don’t live in Mercer County!

Mercer County Schools: Public Education That Performs

Mercer County schools have been known throughout the state of New Jersey and also the country, as top-notch for quite some time. And while academics make this county home to some of the best schools in the United States, it’s not simply academics that are making Mercer County achieve such high school rankings.

Typically, when various sites like and then of course the various states themselves give out school rankings, they are done on quite a few factors, such as:

  • Standardized Test Scores, such as the SAT’s and other metrics that determine academic achievement, but also
  • Facilities—how nice are the schools? How up to date are they with technology?
  • Extracurriculars—will your children have the chance to develop interests and build social skills as the years go by in your public school district?
  • Food—even the cafeterias get a judgment call when it comes to public school quality (be glad your own kitchen doesn’t get such an analysis!)
  • Sports—is your local school known for being outstanding in a certain sport, such as football? Parents go crazy over football! Or perhaps another sport?

Mercer County Has Some of the Best Schools, Bar None

With all of these factors noted above, if you are a parent or hoping to be a parent in the distant or near future and are looking to buy a home, Mercer County is a solid choice. The county is home to some of the best schools in the country.  Based on all of the above criteria that we mentioned, collected statistics and collected opinions from students and parents alike in order to rank various schools by district and countrywide.

If you’re a New Jersey resident and are considering a move to Mercer County, perhaps these amazing public schools will convince you to settle down those roots in Mercer County sooner, rather than later:

  • Dreaming of the Ivy League? Princeton Schools rank as 5th in the United States. Statewide, Princeton is the top dog…#1! Pretty amazing—and a clear sign your tax dollars are absolutely at work, parents!
  • West-Windsor- Plainsboro comes in at 33rd in the United States and 3rd in the state of New Jersey…with stats like these, there’s no wonder why more and more parents are coming to Mercer County to turn houses into homes.
  • Already impressed? Hopewell Valley comes in at 19th statewide…
  • Robbinsville slides in at 31st in the state of New Jersey out of 100

These knockout school rankings are just one of many reasons Mercer County is truly a wonderful place to build a home and family!

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