Home Décor Ideas: Making Your House A Home

If you are moving into a new home and looking to turn it into a place that feels completely like yours, we’ve got some tips and home décor ideas you’ll love. From a the front door to a cozy room, if you’re already telling everyone how you’re “decorating my new home this way and that way,” we hope you get mileage from these tips.

First things first, before moving into a new home, consider what you’ve got in your current home!

  • Do you really need everything you’re planning on taking? Get rid of old furniture that’s in bad condition, toss out old knick-knacks that just collect dust, and trash the items/appliances or what have you that are out of commission.
  • Then, make a list of what you really You don’t want to spend too much money outright to furnish and make the place cozy right after purchasing a home. Watch your dollars.
  • But wait—do you have any old furniture pieces that could be touched up to look vintage? If yes, save them, and read on!

Decorating My New Home: Home Décor Ideas & Tips

With fall here, why not take some inspiration from the season, and add a little fall coloring to make your house a “home.” We all know how cozy, warm and inviting fall can be!

  1. Fall Colors:

Trends say adding a touch of burnt orange color with dark wood looks very warm, inviting and rusting. And that splash of burnt orange (not Crayola orange) will be energizing…just be careful where you use this color.

Other colors that can make a cozy room cozier are:

  • Chinoiserie Red—not as bright so if you’re color shy but want to create some warmth, give this a try.
  • Windsor Pink—believe it or not, this light pink is popular for fall home décor trends!
  • Mocha Wood—cozy and luxe, you’ll love this dark wood
  • Brighter Oranges—like fall leaves, a pop of this is gorgeous
  • Sienna—more fall feelings of coziness abound.
  • Mustard—not for the timid, this color is still warm!
  1. Vintage Furniture Pieces:

Even if your “old furniture” isn’t vintage, it’s about the look!

  1. Old School Farm Ways:

Why not add, a rocking chair, some real wood piles (next to the fireplace if you’ve got one), a shaggy throw for your couch, and some lush velvet throw pillows mixed with pattern styles to create an inviting and “lived-in” living or family room?

  1. Family Blanket:

A personalized blanket or one with photos of all the family adds a personal touch to your space.

  1. Dark Brown Leather:

Don’t shy away from dark brown leather furniture. The look is sophisticated but the feeling is to indulge and relax.

Keep in mind to watch your dollars as you go. Instead of redoing that kitchen, maybe you just paint the cabinets and adjust the hardware. Or perhaps, you start working on your bedroom. The place where you start and end your day, work on this room first.

Not everything will be done in a day! As time goes on, your house will become a home as the years go by, especially as you make memories in your new home.