Low Cost Kitchen Upgrades To Help Sell Your Home

By Marla Cukor, Homes and Land Writer

Let’s face it. Everyone wants their home to have the kind of kitchen that delights potential buyers as soon as they walk through the door. But very few people are excited about the prospect of spending big bucks to makeover their kitchen just so they can enjoy it for a millisecond before handing it over to their home’s new owner.

So what’s a homeseller to do?

First off, take a good hard look at the facts. According to a report published in March 2016 Consumer Reports, a “modern/updated” kitchen tops the list of ideal home features that was reported by millennials looking to buy a property. According the magazine, “When a home is move in-ready and buyers know they can be cooking in the kitchen and entertaining in the backyard that weekend, you’ve got a winner.”

What’s more, most remodeling experts say that money spent on renovating or improving a kitchen is almost always recouped in the sale price. But here’s the rub – How can you breath new life into your kitchen without breaking the bank?

Paint A fresh coat of paint does wonders for just about any room. Best of all, this is one makeover that’s not only inexpensive, but if you’re handy and have some time, you can probably manage this one yourself. Don’t limit yourself to redoing walls, oftentimes cabinets need some sprucing up as well.


Are your handles looking a little spent? Have your knobs lost their gleam? This is an easy fix. Shiny new hardware tells the potential buyer that someone loves and cares for this kitchen and gives the impression of a “newer” space.


You can’t go wrong with high-end granite or quartz counters, but not everyone wants to invest in a modern countertop just before they sell. The solution? Make sure your counters are as clean, spacious and clutter free as possible.

Upgrade Your Appliances

If your oven or other appliances are still harboring grease stains from the Thanksgiving of 2002, maybe it’s time to invest in a new version? Same goes for all your other appliances, are they eyesores? Are they hopelessly outdated? Would a new appliance jazz up your kitchen? Remember, the more move-in ready your home is, the easier it will be to sell.

Upgrade Your Tabletop Appliances
If a new major appliance won’t work with your budget, the next best step is to purchase one or two as-high-end-as-you-can-afford countertop appliances. Staging experts says that a fancy looking espresso machine or colorful blender tells homeowners that your kitchen is a gourmet-friendly.

Think About A Rug

Love cozy spaces? So do most people. Nothing “warms up” a kitchen faster then a darling rug full of warmth and color (but make sure it’s not full of stains or crumbs).

Think About What’d You’d Want to See in A Kitchen

Everyone wants to envision themselves living in this kitchen, so every nook and cranny of your kitchen needs to be clean, bright and odor free.

And while you’re in reno mode, here’s a few more tips to make your kitchen look as appealing to buyers as it can:

  • Give your faucet a good rub-down until it shines and sparkles like new.
  • Open the windows to let the light in, and make sure you’ve cleaned them, inside and out.
  • Organize inside your cupboards, the pantry and get rid of clutter. Go on a cooking binge if you have to, but no potential buyer wants to see cabinets filled to the brim.
  • Set fancy hand and dish soap on a tray. Get rid of everything else. Old dishrags and soiled sponges = Yuck.

In the end, the kitchen is just one part of the factors of your home that can make your sale. But since it’s one of the easiest rooms to spruce up with a little sweat and love-equity, there’s no reason it shouldn’t “wow” buyers from the get go!