Planning a Move During Coronavirus

Moving is stressful. Add a global health crisis like coronavirus to the process and the stress can become overwhelming. That said, the real estate market is still alive and well, so if you’re planning a move in the next few months, you may need some advice.

Here are some tips to consider when dealing with moving companies, handling personal possessions and settling into your new home.

Moving Checklist

Get virtual estimates from moving companies
Once you set your moving date, you’ll want to get estimates from at least two moving companies. Most offer virtual or online estimates to limit access to your home. If you prefer an in-home estimate, the estimator should wear a mask and will ask that you do, too.

Purge, donate and sell unneeded items
It’s always a good idea to downsize when you’re planning a move. Start going through your belongings as early as possible. There’s no need to pay for things to be moved if you’re only going to get rid of them when you arrive at the new house. If you’re planning to make donations, be sure to visit the organization’s website for detailed instructions. Some have limited drop-off windows, require an appointment or have new rules in place. If you plan to sell items, don’t leave it to the last minute.

Pack wisely
Start the packing process early and have a plan. Begin by packing items you don’t use on a daily basis like books, decor, linens, framed photos, art and offseason clothing. Save your kitchen and bathrooms for last. Don’t forget to label the boxes with their contents and the room you want the box to be put in at the new home. If your moving company will be packing and unpacking, inquire about employee protocols. It’s best to have as few family members in the house as possible during this process.

Manage moving day meticulously
Moving companies are familiar with the state of the real estate market during COVID-19, so they’ll likely check in with you the day before you move to confirm no one in the house is ill. During the call, be sure to ask if employees undergo a daily temperature check, and if they’ll be wearing masks and gloves when they arrive. It’s also helpful to have hygiene products like hand sanitizer available for the crew’s use. Ensure all family members present wear a mask, maintain a six-foot distance and refrain from helping with the move. If possible, keep children, pets and vulnerable household members in a separate area.

Disinfect your new home before you unpack
Be sure to deep-clean and sanitize your new home before you move into it. Here are a few resources and tips to help:

CDC’s recommendations on how to clean your home
EPA’s list of disinfectants that meet the criteria to fight COVID-19

You’ll also want to clean and disinfect your belongings and furniture as you unpack, and make sure to properly dispose of all packing materials safely.

No move is easy, but if everyone has a little patience and acts with caution, a pandemic move can be successful, safe and exciting!

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