Saying Goodbye to Your House: Downsizing & Relocation

If you’re considering downsizing or a relocating, don’t be surprised if you feel emotional. Do you remember that very first time you saw your home? The first time you decided that, “Yes—this is the house?” Your house isn’t just a structure and safe walls. Your house is where you build the emotional memories of your life whether alone, a partner or with family. It’s not surprising that we get so attached to our homes that the idea of a relocation brings us to sad or nostalgic tears.

How do you know if you’re then truly ready to part with the place in which your heart and soul has been through such joys and sadness for perhaps, many, many years?

Here are some tips to consider when selling your house because you’re moving to NJ or perhaps, downsizing due to an empty nest!

Empty Nest? Moving to NJ? Reasons to Sell Your House

Okay, so you’ve been toying with the idea of selling your house and you’re not sure if perhaps this is the best decision for you and maybe, your family.

Let’s go over some reasons that would indicate it’s a good idea to put your house on the market.

1- Empty Nesters

Your house is full of family memories. You can look in one room and envision your son or daughter as a toddler, looking over to you mischievously to do something silly that toddlers do.

You can go to the family room and envision almost every single holiday you’ve shared together. You can remember who sat where—and who spilled what, where.

But now, your children are grown and out of the house. As much as your house is like another child, it’s just so big and the kids don’t come back to visit as much anymore.

This is a good reason to sell your home!

2- Moving to NJ—Either Back to NJ, or For the First Time

As experts of the Mercer County area, we can tell you that if you’re making the move to NJ to either care for family, grandkids or perhaps for the lovely beaches, greenery and city scene, you’ll love NJ! There is so much to do—and so much variety in the Garden state. Don’t let TV shows fool you—culture and beauty live on in NJ!

If you’re moving to NJ and have considered renting out your house in the meantime, consider selling it! Being a landlord can be arduous and stressful. Don’t leave that on your shoulders; instead, sell your home. You’ll be glad you did.

3- Downsizing

Have the kids moved out? Did your spouse pass or is he or she sick? Are you tired of caring for a large property? Are you looking for a change?

Downsizing is a smart reason to sell your home. For the reasons listed above as well as many others, a smaller home can be beneficial to you in the long run. By selling your home for a smaller one, you’ll reap a lot of rewards, mentally, financially and physically!

Selling a beloved home is a big choice. Make sure that no matter why you list your home, you choose to list your home with an experienced and awarded realtor. It’s your “baby” so why would you leave it in the hands of any old realtor? You shouldn’t! Look for referrals and choose a top agent in your area. You won’t regret it!