Selling Your Home In The Winter: 5 Reasons & Ways To Prep

If you’re selling your home in the winter, you may automatically assume that it’s going to be difficult because of the cold weather. And then of course, there’s staging a house during snowstorms and what have you, but no matter what the case, there are pro’s and con’s for selling a home in all seasons.

In fact, some studies show that homes listed in winter move faster—perhaps because someone moving mid-year may have an urgent reason to move. No matter the case, in our opinion, the best time to sell a house is when your home is ready to be sold!  That means: you’ve done any repairs you need to do, have a plan for where you want to go next and are ready to move on to the next stage of your life.

And with colder temperatures, buyers will be visiting homes thinking about so many different things as they look at your home for consideration. Consider these factors on important repairs to make before selling a house this winter, that way your house is show-ready 100% of the way. Otherwise, buyers may spot issues with your home and walk away leaving you with little to few offers to choose from.

Home Improvement Ideas & Other

These tips and home improvement ideas will help you stand out on the market. The reality is there are many important repairs to make before selling a house no matter the season, but consider this factors as you prep for a winter sale:

  1. Heating & Roofing: Make Sure Your Furnace & Roof Is Tip-Top

People are going to be considering heating as they’re walking around freezing. Is your furnace good to go? Also, as you’re staging a house in the winter, consider making the heat a little higher than normal to keep potential buyers warm.

Don’t forget to make sure your roof is in great shape. With winter storms, people will be checking your roof carefully to see how it’s holding up even more so than any other time of year.

  1. Don’t Forget: Windows, Windows, Windows

Can you weather-strip them? Repair the caulking? Can you get new windows? Energy-efficient ones? This will also help with utilities and keeping heat in.

  1. Logistics: Now Presenting…

As people come to see your home, make sure you clear a path for them if you happen to have snow on the ground, and watch the scented candles and air-fresheners. Since you can’t keep windows open during the winter really, any strong scents can linger and if a buyer has allergies or hates a particular scent…oh boy!

  1. Adorn, To Make It Feel Warm: Accessorize

How about a seasonal wreath or some seasonal winter plants and landscaping details to make your house look “warmer” during frigid temps?

We say, yes, yes, yes!

  1. Clear the Schedule: Holidays & All

Yes, the in-laws are in town and/or you’ve got a major holiday party to prep for.

Too bad! Don’t turn away a potential buyer. Show that home

  1. Turn It Up: Lights On, Please

With dreary winter darkness, make sure your home is appropriately lit up for buyers to see.

You want the home to look welcoming…and for people to not miss your listing!

The reality is the best time to sell a home is when your house is ready. If winter is when your house needs to be on the market, don’t let cold temps get you discouraged. A top-performing realtor will guide you and help you sell your house with ease. All seasons are good to list, sell and buy when you’ve got a top realtor at your side!