Why You Should Not Sell Your Own Home



There are many DIY (do it yourself) projects out there from creating your own upholstery to redesigning your powder room.  As these projects can be rather gratifying there are some DIY projects that you may want to leave to an expert. Have you ever thought of selling your own home? Of course as a homeowner you may want to maximize your profits as your home is on the market. One way of doing so is by avoiding paying a realtor commission. Therefore, you may feel selling your own home is a great option.  The reality is selling your home yourself is actually not the way you may want to save some money.  We at Top Producers of Mercer County want to point out some reasons below why you may want to hold off from this project and not attempt to sell your own home.


  • PRICE – When your looking to sell your own home of course you want to make sure it’s sold at the best price possible. If priced to high the listing becomes stale and remains on the market. When priced too low, you lose some money.  This is where you gain expertise of a realtor to assist with the pricing of your home.  An experienced realtor knows the market and how to price the home to sale.
  • MARKETING – A realtor will do all they can to ensure your home is marketed correctly by preparation of marketing materials, listing of home on the internet, hold open houses, and working with other agents to show to their interested buyers. Their marketing expertise will allow your home the maximum exposure to potential home buyers.
  • BUYER PERCEPTION – The same way you’re selling your own home is to save money is the same a buyer wants to save. Potential buyers want to be represented by their own agents to do all the searching and negation for them.
  • NEGOTIATION – One of the most important parts of purchasing the home is first negotiating. Selling your home is a major transaction in the making.  The sale process includes the first offer, a counter offer from seller until an agreement in price is made.  Then there is the inspection and all of these tasks are where you need your realtor who is experienced in negotiation.
  • CLOSING THE DEAL – Because a realtor is experienced in the sale process of selling a home, he is able to close on a deal efficiently. An experienced realtor will know how to handle the financing, keeping on top of the closing dates, and ensuring contracts are set in place.

All-in-all, realtors knows the process of the home buying and selling business.  When it’s time to sell your home you want to ensure the process is smooth and you’re putting your home visible to many potential buyers.  So save the DIY projects for your lawn and contact Top Producers of Mercer County to assist with putting your home on the market!

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